"Rules are for the obedience of fools and interpretations of smart men"
-Colin Chapman-

The eccentric car rental

You might have seen one and wondered. How does it feel to drive that?

Drive something unusual

live the experience

They're small, they're low, they're noisy...forget power steering or power brakes.

This is pure mechanical triumph.

Spend a day back in the roots of motorsport on the Como lakeside

Born in the UK, this car is an absolute gem for it's unique origin and history. The JZR is for those in search of an extraordinary machine and a once in a lifetime experience considering that it's the only one of it's kind in Italy. It was exhibited for years in a museum on the Isle of Man before finding it's current home on the beautiful shores of the Lake of Como. This eye-catching beauty, perfect for wedding rentals and short day trips can be enjoyed ideally on warm days for a picnic on the lake or a short trip to nearby Switzerland

Experience the thrill of real driving! Westfield is a dream car for the thrill seeking motor enthusiast who strives to push the boundaries of the driving experience. In the age of over-designed and underwhelming cars, Westfield provides a unique, rugged experience for those in search of an un-filtered driving sensation of a lightweight race car of the 60s! Perfect for a weekend both on the windy roads of the lake and the mountain passes-for the adventurously inclined

The essence of the sports car- The Lotus Elise
A testament to the genius of Colin Chapman- The Elise is an eccentric soul in a modern outfit which rewrote the rule book on lightweight automotive engineering. This gritty, sleek machine is the perfect blend of sporty experience in a roomier body. Feel the power of this iconic beauty, the thrum of its heart and the engineering marvel of its time while enjoying a day out on the beautiful roads with the wind in the hair


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